Mysterious and bizarre people…who were they?  Where did they go? There’s mysterious geniuses – a French Rabbi who had electric light in the 13th century, to the man who was caught on video walking through a solid door; author Jonathan Swift, who described the Martian moons and their orbits 150 years before they were discovered to the disappearance of Lord Lucan. And more…Hannah Brade, the mysterious maid who wasn’t what she seemed; William  Harrison – the bizarre case of the Campden murder; Bruce Lee – was the martial arts superstar murdered? The Man in the Iron Mask –  who was the legendary prisoner who could not show his face? The Men In Black – shadowy visitors who stalk UFO witnesses; Adolf Hitler – black magician? The Atlanteans – did the legendary island of Atlantis really exist? The Green Children – a strange tale from the Middle Ages; Robin Hood – who was the legendary outlaw? The Lunarians – is there intelligent life on our  moon? Nostradamus – the man who saw tomorrow; Richard Bingham – the case of the vanishing peer…and many more.