Two-volume set. A celebration of an unrivalled era in Australian fantasy writing and illustration. It’s an anthology of Australian classics of the golden age from 1900 to the 1940s – Dorothy Wall, Harold Gaze, Norman Lindsay, Pixie O’Harris and May Gibbs, writers who created a magic door for children to enter a realm of fantasy that was uniquely Australian. The adventures of Blinky Bill, Chucklebud and Wunkydoo, Albert the Magic Christmas Pudding and an entire cast of elves, sprites, fairies and goblins who continue to charm and delight readers of all ages. There are diverse illustrators: Ida Rentoul Outhwaite, D.H. Souter, May Gibbs, Norman Lindsay and Harold Gaze, who drew inspiration from an English style of fantasy and combined it with Australian flora and fauna. Holden also presents the lives and works of well known¬† – and lesser-known – authors. Both volumes lavishly illustrated.