Nino (a.k.a. John O’Grady) has become an Australian instead of an Italian since his arrival in Sydney.  Nino has often been called a mullet, sometimes even a prawn-headed mullet. But he doesn’t know anything about fishing, until he gets a license and starts learning the ropes from ‘Shorty’ Bent. This isn’t weekend amateur angling – all ‘wet arse and no fish’; this is professional fishing, with nets, sea-boots and oilskins; shooting a double-header on a favourite dig at slack water in the starlight; picking up and unmeshing; icing down the fish on the foreshore and sharing a ‘crack o’ the whip’ (rum) with other fishermen. Despite all the regulations and nuisances of inspectors, Nino finds it a great life!  Scaled by the famous and fabulous ‘Wep’.