Book V of The Pendragon Cycle. War, drought and plague have brought Britain to the edge of destruction. In the great battle that finally brings peace to the land, Arthur is mortally wounded. But at Ys Avallach he is miraculously healed by a secret and sacred relic, the Holy Grail. Determined to establish his long-dreamt-of Summer Realm, Arthur orders a shrine built to house the Grail, so that all his subjects may share its healing powers. But evil strikes when Arthur’s most loyal champion is seduced into committing a hideous betrayal and Arthur’s beloved Queen and the Grail vanish into the dark unknown. Chaos and fear are once more abroad in the land. In pursuit, Arthur and his faithful Dragon Flight, helped by Merlin, confront fearsome spirits and magic in a battle to the death for the soul of the land. Cover art by Eric Peterson and Mike Posen.