This edition published in 2014, here’s a wide selection of hauntings, sightings and ghostly manifestations of all types are covered in two centuries of Australian history and recounted by down-to-earth, no-nonsense Australians. There’s vengeful ghosts, aloof ghosts, mysterious ghosts, sad ghosts, kind ghosts – but all are scary. An evil, Satanic jester-like spectre appears to a terrified young couple in their cage on a Ferris wheel…and of course, there’s Australia’s most famous ghost, Fisher’s ghost…a visit to Australia’s most haunted house that offers ghost tours (if you dare)…the haunted dunny in a village in the Barossa Valley…the terrifying experience of a young medical student when a cadaver comes back from the dead and takes up residence in her lap top computer…the ghost of Mount Victoria Pass…the ghost bridegroom…and many more. Many of the sightings are recent and recurring.