Published in 1945, this volume is literally by the men serving in the last days of World War II. Together, these articles, sketches, cartoons, poems and photographs are their story – not the story of the war, but a record of what they saw, felt and experienced. There’s a humorous treatise on the Cockroach; an article on the first W.R.A.N.s to receive their sea training; and from an article simply entitled Tahiti by ‘A.S.’ : After dancing for a while I suggested a walk along the beach and the girls being agreeable were were soon settled down on the sands under the palms. Here is what I saw and felt. The moon shining through the palm fronds on the sand, while farther out the blue Pacific was breaking over the reefs, the moonlight making this appear like a lot of silvery cascades…my young lady’s hair was lovely, and long enough to reach down and encircLe our waists, binding us together…I had read of scene such as these, but doubted them…Now I knew and felt…happy and contented and prepared to fall in love.”  One hopes that ‘A.S. made his way home to Australia.