Book III of The Tamuli. Sparhawk has offered freedom to the Troll-Gods trapped in the Blue Rose in exchange for their aid in the fight against Cyrgon, the sinister god of the Cyrgai. The Trolls devour the steaming flesh of the enemies of the Tamuli – until the Cyrgai Generals are inevitably defeated. Then those enemy troops return to dust, magicked as they were from antiquity. But hungry Trolls are the least of Sparhawk’s problems. Cyrgon has turned to unspeakable arts of Zemich magic, bringing back to the world the essence of evil, Klael, that was cast out at the beginning of Time by Azash and the Elder Gods. Queen Ehlana has been kidnapped by the mad Lord Scarpa and the Styric magician Zalasta. The price for her return is the Blue Rose. Sparhawk must ensure Ehlana is saved and that Klael and the Blue Rose fight the ultimate battle. Cover art by Geoff Taylor.