Arranging the hit on Fabio was a low act, and Les knew it. And when you get Sydney’s deadliest killer, Eddie Salita, to do the hit, there’s always a quid pro quo. So Les heads to Nimbin in New South Wales to help an old army mate of Eddie’s open a bar, the Double L Ranch. Which suits Les, since he has to take his mate Tony, the surf photographer, to the waxhead wedding of the year at Bluey’s Beach, and it’s on the way. The waxhead wedding of the year turns into the ethnic brawl of the decade. Les finds comfort in the arms of Janet the Gannet from Forbidden Planet. In Nimbin, Les finds himself working as a D.J. for a nutter with a nightclub where dancing’s prohibited. There’s also racial tension, the Russian Spetsnaz and Norwegian backpackers.  Chuck in a drug overdose, and before Les knows it, he’s in a firefight with a bunch of inbreds wanting to kill the bar owner. A fun town Nimbin isn’t. Not even for a quarter of a million dollars worth of gold.