“My name is Waipuldanya or Wadjiri Wadjiri.  (If they twist your tongue too much, you may call me Phillip Roberts. That is my white-feller name.) I’m a full blood Aboriginal of the Alawa tribe in the Northern Territory.  My body has been through the fire of tribal initiation.  I have been subjected to many taboos.  As a child I was ‘sung’ to death by a malevolent Dr. Blackfellow, a medicine man who wished to destroy me in order to punish my clan.  I was saved by another. I have worshipped Kunapipi, the Earth Mother…I believe in the Rainbow Serpent… Douglas Lockwood wrote this book about my life.  He is my countryman.  Enjoy it – and understand us better.”

Here is the autobiography of Waipuldanya, a full-blood Aboriginal of the Alawa tribe at Roper River in Australia’s Northern Territory, as told to Douglas Lockwood. In his youth, Waipuldanya was taught to track and hunt wild animals, to live off the land, to provide for his family with the aide only of his spears and woomeras. This is the gripping story of his boyhood and youth, and how he trained as a skilled medical assistant, to become a citizen of both the Aboriginal and whitefella worlds.