An Exorcism: Ritual One. Herald Childe has just watched a home movie in which his partner was brutally murdered, his life fluids drained by a lady with razor-sharp teeth. Childe is a private detective and used to sticking his nose in other people’s business – and it’s usually dirty business. But he’s not prepared for the gut-churning horrors that await him as he wades through the L.A. smog following up a lead in the most disgusting case of his career – a waking nightmare of sexual brutality and supernatural bestiality: he becomes entangled with a snake woman; he’s seduced by a filthy human sow; and he lays a ghost, only to realise that he’s the one getting laid – by a woman who’s working off a century of  frustrated ectoplasmic exile. And how can he go to the police with the information that he’s discovered a crowd of sex-mad vampires and werewolves from another universe… Saucy cover art by Chris Moore.