Chyna Shepherd, twenty-six,  had a dark childhood which taught her to fear strange houses, and she cannot sleep on this first night in the home of her college friend Laura. A muffled scream from another room alarms her. A homicidal sociopath, Edgler Vess, is intent on killing everyone in the house. Life has taught Chyna to be a survivor but this will be her greatest test. A series of strange developments find her in Vess’s motorhome – a dungeon and morgue on wheels – without him being aware of her presence. Vess lives only to satisfy his every appetite, to seek ever more outrageous experience, to immerse himself in sensation – to live with intensity. At first Chyna’s only goal is to get out alive. But when she learns the identity of Vess’s next victim and realises that only she can save that precious life, she must face the fact that a moral life requires acceptance of unwanted responsibilities. She must find courage and take risks beyond any she imagined she could endure. Cover art  by J. James.