King Conrig Ironcrown now rules the entire island kingdom of High Blenholme. But the peace he achieved by ruthlessly uniting its four quarreling kingdoms into a Sovereignty is about to be challenged. It’s rumoured that his vengeful first wife Maudrayne, believed to have committed suicide, is alive and about to reveal a secret that will cost Conrig his throne. The ambitious sorcerer Beynor and his crony, Conrig’s traitorous alchymist Kilian have stolen a trove of currently inactive moonstones capable of drawing tremendous power from the mysterious supernatural Beaconfolk. After initiating a civil war, the pair intend to take the throne and rule the realm themselves. The King’s unlikely champion is his royal intelligencer, Deveron, a young man secretly possessed of magical talents. But Deveron is torn between loyalty to his king and his own conscience. Cover art by Dominic Harman.