A round dozen of Asimov’s choice fantasy authors. In this volume: The Candidate, Henry Slesar: A man receives numerous persistent requests for a meeting from a group called the Society For United Action – what can they possibly want? The Christmas Shadrach, Frank R. Stockton: Can a chunk of iron ore make you fall in love?  The Snow Women, Fritz Leiber: The magic of the Snow Women must be overcome if Fafhrd is to win the lovely Vlana; Invisible Boy, Ray Bradbury: an elderly lady, possibly a witch, claims she can make Charlie invisible…The Hero Who  Returned, Gerald W. Page; Toads Of Grimmerdale, Andre Norton: From the Witch World...Hertha, a noblewoman who is cast out into drifts of ice-crusted snow by her brother, seeks revenge.  A Literary Death, Martin H. Greenberg: A chronicle of a death foretold… Satan and Sam Shay, Robert Arthur: Satan challenges Sam Shay to a betting contest – who will win? Lot 249, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle:  Abercrombie Smith, Oxford athlete, notices his Egyptologist friend’s  mummy keeps disappearing and reappearing and always coincidental with mysterious murders…The Witch Is Dead, Edward D. Hoch: Simon Ark, perhaps the original ghostbuster, takes an interest in a mysterious fortune-teller and some weird events at a girls’ college. I Know What You Need, Stephen King: Popular, pretty college-girl Elizabeth finds she is inexplicably attracted to Ed,  a loner, who always knows just what she needs, anytime, anywhere – but Elizabeth’s room mate is suspicious enough to do some research on Ed…The Miracle Workers, Jack Vance: The Jinxmen can help Lord Faide win his battles against humans, but the First Folk must be fought with different means. Cover art by Julek Heller