Our dear readers who remember the eighties may well remember Ian McShane as Lovejoy, the irreverent and wry antique dealer.  Here is a story from Lovejoy’s antique world – filled, as usual, with greed, desire, love and death. Lovejoy is approached by a naive client determined to obtain a pair of flintlock pistols so rare that even those in the trade doubt their existence.  The client stubbornly insists they do exist – not only has he seen them, the pistols killed his brother. So now Lovejoy is on the track of the pistols and an unsolved murder.  When he comes into possession of an accessory that belongs to  the fabled pair, events hot up – the murderer knows the precious pistols for which he has killed are incomplete, but if he admits to ownership of the pistols to get the necessary part, he admits to murder !