Katherine Wentworth was married at the age of nineteen to a man with whom she was very much in love and widowed after only four years of happiness with Gerald. She is left to bring up her stepson, Simon, as well as her own twins, Daisy and Denis. Told in the first person, she struggles to raise her children wisely and aided by her late husband’s many outstanding qualities that are perpetuated in his children. When Simon, growing to manhood, suddenly becomes heir to the family fortunes, he faces the difficult decision of either moving to the estate of his domineering grandfather or giving up the inheritance to remain free, as his father did before him. While Simon wrestles with his problem, Katherine finds romance entering her life when she is thrown together with Alec Maclaren, the brother of an old friend, on a holiday in the Scottish Highlands. They realise, in each other’s company, a new zest for living and it seems that Katherine will no longer be alone.