A wonderful, bawdy, completely unsublte nonsense of Upstairs, Downstairs and in my lady’s chamber and with more sauce than the average Carry On!  The elderly Lord Cockshute – drunk, broke and trouserless – is chasing Mimi the maid who has somehow lost her uniform; gamekeeper Mellons and the parlourmaid have found a new and intriguing way to make daisy chains; Lady Kitty is avoiding the clutches of the revolting Snotty Shuttlecock who would never get into the house – let alone Lady Kitty – but for the money the family owe him;  the groom also has designs on Lady Kitty, and is strangely jealous of a black stallion called Ramrod; Hampton, the faithful butler, is desperately trying to conceal the truth about his shameful past; and Vscount Standfast is experimenting with rubber in his laboratory but can’t think of a use for his latest unusual invention. With black and white photos from the 1976 film which starred Diana Dors, Jack Wild and Carmen Silvera.