Book II of Conclave of Shadows. Rescued, recruited and trained by the mysterious Conclave of Shadows, Tal Hawkins has become one of their most effective operatives. But to destroy the nemesis who annihilated his people, the evil Duke of Olasko, Tad must sell his soul. Masquerading as a noble from the far western territory of the Kingdom of the Isles, he must insinuate himself into the duke’s confidence and carry out his most heinous and dangerous commands – even though it means betraying his own moral code. Driven to the brink, Tal eventually defies the duke – and is imprisoned and left to die in the Fortress of Despair. But the determined young man will not be beaten. Alone, armed only with his courage and wits, Tal makes a daring escape. Returning to Olasko, he will finally brings revenge on his hated enemy. Cover art by Martin McKenna.