Book III of The Frontmire Histories. When the last wear ended the Elves’ magic blossomed until the nation existed in a near-Utopia – until the Black Mage retrieved the necromancess Kravroctiva from the Netherworld. Her chief desire: conquer all mortals. And she does not share power nor have the patience to placate the demented Mage. Stanton leads a party in search of the Elves’ only hope: to recover the Elfstone soiccat, the only means of sending the evil sorceress and her wicked servants back to the eternal prison. Then two magical Dragons are seen sailing the skies of Frontmire.  The Elven army fails; the search for the socciat lies in ruins; and the one real Dragon who has the power the destroy Kravorctiva can’t be bothered helping the Elves.