A.S. Gillespie-Jones enjoys his profession enormously, his life at the Bar being rich in humorous incidents and bizarre twists. Fortunately, he is blessed with an excellent memory and the ability to tell a funny story. Whether it be confrontation in court with a ‘surprise’ witness or a day’s fishing with a circuit judge, he can tell a good yarn. This is his third selection of bons mots and anecdotes and guaranteed to keep the public and judiciary alike chuckling. As in: an assistant ombudsman was in Perth to establish a Commonwealth Ombudsman’s office there and he repaired to the pub for a solitary beer.  As he sat there a lady took the stool next to him, struck up a conversation and then asked, “Would you buy me a drink?”  The ombudsman was a little surprised, but a brandy lime and soda was requested and duly ordered. The lady then asked, “What do you do?”  He said, “Do you know what an ombudsman does?”  She drew back and shuddered. “I don’t go for kinky sex!” Illustrated by Vane Lindesay.