Sydney journalist Helen Reade recounts the heartbreaking stories of four murders: the stabbing murder of 5 year old Nicole Hanns, 1974; the sexual assault and murder of 9 year old Ebony Simpson, 1992; and the rape and murders of Bega schoolgirls 14 year old Lauren Barry and  her friend 16 year old Nichole Collins, 1997. But this book also covers the ground breaking changes to law brought about by the grieving parents, not only to ease their own unbearable burdens but for the families of other homicide victims. Historic legislative changes were made and crime solving techniques were brought into being: the Child Sex Offenders’ Register; the CRIMTRACK database; the DNA database for previous offenders; automatic victims’ counselling; life sentence legislation; victim impact statements; pre-trial disclosure; and the formation of the Homicide Victims’ Support Group. Illustrated with black and white photographs.