This is no ordinary ‘Guide to Italy’ – this is a collection of charming legends, tales and anecdotes created by the author and inspired by  the regions of Italy.  Naples – The Castle That Came Out Of An Egg; Sorrento, Almalfi, Pompeii – The Dog Of Pompeii; Ravello, Salerno, Paestum – The Temple Boy; The Hill Towns – Orvieto, Prugia, Assissi – The Donkey Of God; Gubbio, San Gimignano, Siena – The Horse of Siena; Florence – The Painted Death; Venice – Daughter of the Lion; and Rome – The Holy Cross. Some of the tales are little-known legends, combining history with mystery. The longer stories are pure inventions whose outcome are the observations and experiences of an alert and sensitive traveler. But they are more than that. They are the creations of a poet whose imagination is enriched by humor. With 63 fabulous woodcuts.