The late great Asimov challenged a talented group of sci-fi writers with:  What would happen if the robots of Asimov’s universe were to meet alien races?  Would the Three Laws of Robotics that protect both humans and robots still apply when dealing with a species that is neither? In this volume: Maverick: Derec Avery should be able to control the network of robotic cities, but the cities are not working as they should and they are becoming dangerous. Someone else is tampering with them – Dr. Janet Anastasi, Derec’s mother. Unwittingly, her intereference is about to start a war between humans and aliens, and Derec must find a way to prevent destruction.       Humanity: Derec’s quest for identity has led him across the galaxy to slowly rebuild the pieces of his life: first, Ariel Burgess, the woman whose love he had to win three times; then his father, Dr. Avery, the mad genius whose experiment Derec has become.  Now he has become caught up in an experiment that threatens to undermine the Laws of Robotics. He must deal with three robots that have no fixed shape, no clear sense of what is a human and what is not. They are his mother’s creations – but do they spell doom – or salvation? Cover art by Paul Rivoche.