A selection of chillers, including the essay A Variety of Monsters by the Master himself… The Day Of The Dragon (1934): Guy Endore; The King Of The Cats (1929): Stephen Vincent BenĂ©t; Slime (1953): Joseph Payne Brennan; The Man Who Sold Rope To The Gnoles (1951): Margaret St. Clair [Writing As Idris Seabright ]; Henry Martindale, Great Dane (1954): Miriam Allen Deford; The Microscopic Giants (1936): Paul Ernst; The Young One (1954) : Jerome Bixby; Doomsday Deferred (1949): Murray Leinster [As By Will F. Jenkins ]; “Shadow, Shadow, On The Wall …” (1951): Theodore Sturgeon; The Desrick On Yandro (1952): Manly Wade Wellman; The Wheelbarrow Boy (1950) : Richard Parker; Homecoming (1946): Ray Bradbury (variant of The Homecoming) .