A selection of human madness chosen by the Master of Human Madness himself, Robert Bloch. In this volume: Snow Man, John Coyne; A Gentle Breeze Blowing, Robert E. Vardeman; For You To Judge, Ramsey Campbell; The Child Killer, Steve Rasnic Tem; The Lick Of Time, Jonathan Carroll; The Edge, Richard Christian Matheson; How Would You Like It? Lawrence Block; The Moment The Face Falls, Chet Williamson; Judgment, Ed Gorman; Reality Function, J.N. Williamson; Sacrifice, Kathleen Buckley; Name That Tune, Charles L. Grant;  Taking Care Of Georgie, Lisa W. Cantrell; Fish Are Jumpin’ And The Cotton Is High, S.P. Somtow; It Takes One To Know One, Robert Bloch; The Lesson, Billie Sue Mosiman; Fie Fie Foe Fum, Ray Bradbury. Cover art by Barbara Walton.