A Chronicle of Firstworld. In Ravenscrag, the son of Lord Flarefist and Lady Sheerquin is born.  The birth will set in train a series of bloody and horrific events, culminating in the summoning of a force with the power to destroy Ravenscrag and all in it. The merchant-adventurer, Ronbas Dinbig, sees a way to make money and make love to a beautiful woman.  But he does not expect that he will be forced to use his sorcerous talents to search for the baby when it disappears, leaving a monster in its place. Then Flarefist’s only other child, the mysterious teenage girl Moonblood, also vanishes. Dinbig battles for survival as he untangles the age-old prophecy and bane which has manifested to bring disaster. Cover art by Mick Van Housen.