Here is a roistering view of Australian from the time of the First Fleet onward, as seen by men and women who expressed their opinions of the country and each other in language forthright, abusive, wistful or cheerful.   Part One is devoted to popular (and uniquely Australian) sayings, jests, rhymes, anecodotes and yarns…The bushman recounted, ‘When I was doin’ a bit o’ grave diggin’ at Guyra, it so was so perishin’ cold there one winter we were forced  to demand two weeks’ notice of anyone who was goin’ to die. It took us that long to dig the hole.’ Part Two is Australian Perspectives 1788 – 1918: Farmer’s Pride and Prisoner’s Hell; The Southern El Dorado (includes a recipe for damper and Black Swans as Table Birds…); An Album of Victoriana; Land of Hope and Glory. You won’t get anything more dinki-di than this volume.