Book IV of The Chronicles of Hawklan. The evil Lord Dan-Tor has at last been driven out of Fyorland and retreated to Narsindal, the realm of his dread master Sumeral.  But Hawklan and his allies have won only a breathing space, for Dan-Tor is gathering his forces for a massive onslaught on all the free lands. An alliance of the free peoples must be forged, even those of peaceful Orthlund, to stand against Sumeral’s dark army. The dwellers in the air and the mysterious inhabitants beneath the mountains must also play a part. A brave alliance, yet it can do little more than stave off the hour of defeat for a short time – but long enough, perhaps, for a last desperate chance to be taken. For Hawklan and the raven, Gavor, the road ahead is lonely and unknown, for they must confront Sumeral himself – and in doing so, discover at last the secret that lies buried deep in Hawklan’s soul. Cover art by Mark Harrison.