Stephen King fans have been to Castle Rock before, where Polly Chalmers runs You Sew and Sew and Sheriff Alan Pangborn is in charge of keeping the peace.  Leland Gaunt is a stranger in town – he’s opened a shop called Needful Things. Brian Rusk, eleven years old, is his first customer and Brian finds what he most wants in all the world, a 1956 Sandy Koufax baseball card. By the end of the week, business is booming for Mr Gaunt. There’s something for everyone at Needful Things. And of course, for everyone, there is a price. For Leland Gaunt, the pleasure of doing business lies mostly in seeing how much people will pay for their most secret dreams and desires – and at Needful Things the prices are high indeed. For Alan and Polly, this autumn week will be an awful test – of love, pain, will and desire. Above all it will be a test of their ability to grasp the true nature of their enemy. They may have a chance…and maybe not. Mr Gaunt knows that almost everything is for sale: love, hope and even the soul.