A bundle of writing to keep you awake: Jerusalem’s Lot:  The short story that spawned the vampire classic ‘Salem’s Lot. Graveyard Shift:  The workers at a decrepit textile mill are ordered to clean out the basement…sometimes basements should be left alone…Night Surf:The short story that King later developed into the epic novel The Stand. I Am The Doorway: An astronaut finds he has been exposed to a terrible, malignant mutagen. The Mangler: In which an industrial laundry press takes on a very horrible life of its own. The Boogeyman: The perennial frightener of children is alive and well…  Grey Matter: A young boy seeks help for his reclusive father, who drank a can of ‘bad’ beer.   Battleground: A professional hitman receives a surprise gift of very special toy soldiers. Trucks: Technology is a good servant, but a bad master – a very bad master…Sometimes They Come Back: 1957 – and Jim’s brother Wayne is murdered by three hoodlums. 1974…the hoodlums are back, looking just as they did in 1957…Strawberry Spring: Serial killer ‘Springheel Jack’ eluded the police in 1968…now it’s 1976, and ‘Springheel’ is killing again. The Ledge: A wealthy criminal overlord finds the man who has been sleeping with his wife, and offers him a strange deal. The Lawnmower Man: There really are people who ‘mow the lawn’ in the nude.  Quitter’s Inc: It’s hard to break bad habits – but Quitters, Inc has a sure-fire way…I Know What You Need: A pretty college student is attracted to Ed, a social outcast, who always knows just what she needs. Children of The Corn: The Children of Gatlin know who walks behind the corn…The Last Rung On The Ladder: When Larry’s beautiful sister commits suicide, he remembers a fateful day of childhood play in the hayloft. The Man Who Loved Flowers: A tale of enduring, obsessive love. One For The Road: Those who live near the abandoned town of ‘Salem’s Lot know not to go out at night – not for anything…The Woman In The Room: A man contemplates the mercy-killing of his beloved, terminally ill mother.