Some chillers, some thrillers, a few revenges and even a moral or two in this selection from the Master of Horror: Dolan’s Cadillac – a staid schoolteacher swears to avenge the death of his wife at the hands of a big crime boss; The End of the Whole Mess – a rare mineral found in a town’s water supply makes the population there gentle and non-violent…so what if that could be spread to the world…? Suffer the Little Children; The Night Flier; Popsy – a gambling addict, in debt and fearful for his life, snatches a little boy to sell…but he hasn’t met Popsy yet… It Grows on You; Chattery Teeth – The joke teeth sat there on the shop counter on their comic oversize shoes and even though they no longer worked, Hogan knew his son would love them – but the funny little teeth still had a trick or two…Dedication; The Moving Finger Writes; Sneakers; You Know They’ve Got  Hell of A Band – a quarrelsome husband and wife get lost on a road trip, and find themselves in the quaint little town of Rock and Roll Heaven; Home Delivery; Rainy Season; My Pretty Pony; Sorry, Right Number; The Ten O’Clock People;  Crouch End; The House on Maple Street; The Fifth Quarter; The Doctor’s Case; Umney’s Last Case – Umney, the ultimate 30s private eye lives in the ultimate 30s world of newsstand boys and diners – until the day his perfect world unravels, with no warning at all…Head Down; Brooklyn August.