A new decade of modern horror.  Ambitious Boys Like You, Richard Kadrey:  Unlucky thieves invade a house which seems like an easy mark; The Atlas of Hell, Nathan Ballingrud: A two-way guide to Hell and back is pursued by an antique-book seller and a mob enforcer; Was She Wicked? Was She Good? M. Rickert: A little girl has to learn not to torture little winged creatures; The Clay Party, Steve Duffy: A party of pioneering settlers take a wrong turn on their way to California in 1846. Other chillers include: Shallaballah, Mark Samuels; Sob In The Silence, Gene Wolfe; Our Turn Too Will One Day Come, Brian Hodge; Dead Sea Fruit, Kaaron Warren; Closet Dreams, Lisa Tuttle; Spectral Evidence, Gemma Files; Hushabye, Simon Bestwick; Very Low-Flying Aircraft, Nicholas Royle; The Goosle, Margo Lanagan; Strappado, Laird Barron; Lonegan’s Luck, Stephen Graham Jones; Mr Pigsny, Reggie Oliver; At Night, When The Demons Come, Ray Cluley; The Shallows, John Langan; Omphalos, Livia Llewellyn; How We Escaped Our Certain Fate,  Dan Chaon; That Tiny Flutter Of The Heart I Used To Call Love, Robert Shearman; Interstate Love Song, Caitlín R. Kiernan; Shay Corsham Worsted, Garth Nix. Cover art Silence © by Nihil.