Sequel to The Man Who Listens. Many years have passed since John Godfrey’s sanctuary was built as a refuge for the lost. It is just two marble rooms: one for those waiting to be heard and one for the Man Who Listens.  The Man Who Listens accepts every blasphemy, every pitiful excuse, and every intimate tale of degradation with silent understanding. He is a mysterious stranger. Drawn to the Sanctuary are the grieving, the despairing, the cynical, the defeated, the dying, the betrayed, and the broken…a minister who no longer believes in God; a loving usband who would kill his wife to prevent her lingering death from cancer; a thirty-three year old ‘boy’; a rich man who has nothing; a coloured man agonising over a life lived as a symbol; a woman whose hope is a dream; a mother forsaking her faith in the wake of her child’s leukemia; a suicidal working man who has lost his business and his family;  an artist going blind and mad; and a disbelieving cop who furiously seeks out the Sanctuary for one purpose: to expose the Man Who Listens as a fraud. For each, there is a revealing confrontation and the discovery that he or she needs to make.