In  a future where the rich live behind the safety of a giant fortress-wall and everyone else can go to hell, Parrish Plessis has learnt some useful survival tactics. Like don’t cross Jamon Mondo – unless you want to be dead by morning. But what’s a girl supposed to do when a very real chance of escaping his clutches presents itself? Even if it means cutting a deal with the amoral gang-lord Io Lang and sheltering two suspects in the murder of media darling Razz Retribution. Lang is renowned for being a long way beyond the border of psychoticsville and the media always gets bloody revenge on anyone foolish enough to mess with their own: it’s good for ratings. But Parrish is sick of doing what she’s told. She’s tooled up, jacked full of stim and tonight she’s going to take her chance. Cover art by Larry Rostant.