They’re A Weird Mob: Nino is an Italian journalist sent to Australia by his editor to find out why so many Italians are going Down Under.  Of course, he gets into trouble on the ship and almost immediately upon arrival in Sydney – mostly because he believed he could speak English which is nothing like speaking Australian!  But Nino gets a job, meets new ‘mates’ and discovers Australian girls.  Illustrated by the famous ‘Wep’. An essential Aussie classic, written by ‘Nino Culotta’ – a.k.a. John O’Grady.

Gone Fishin’: Since becoming an Australian instead of an Italian, Nino has often been called a mullet, sometimes even a prawn-headed mullet. But he doesn’t know anything about fishing, until he gets a license and starts learning the ropes from Shorty Bent. This isn’t weekend amateur angling – all ‘wet arse and no fish’. This is professional fishing, with nets, sea-boots and oilskins; shooting a double-header on a favourite dig at slack water in the starlight; picking up and unmeshing; icing down the fish on the foreshore and sharing a ‘crack o’ the whip’ (rum) with other fishermen. Despite all the regulations and inspectors, Nino finds it a great life! Illustrated by the famous and fabulous ‘Wep’.

Aussie English: Just so’s you know, this is how to speak Australian, which has nothing to do with English…

Aussie Etiket: Doing things the Aussie way – what to say to your mate’s wife, the importance of returning a shout, how to barrack at the footy and much more.