Dad and Dave are so well-known in Australian literature that they feel like family. Their struggles, troubles and joys at Snake Gully are just like ours. On Our Selection contains the following: Starting the Selection; Our First Harvest; Before We Got the Deeds; When the Wolf Was at the Door;  The Night We Watched for Wallabies; Good Old Bess; Cranky Jack; A Kangaroo Hunt from Shingle Hut; Dave’s Snake-Bite; Dad and the Donovans; A Splendid Year for Corn; Kate’s Wedding; The Summer Old Bob Died; When Dan Came Home; Our Circus; When Joe Was in Charge. Our New Selection: Baptising Bartholomew; Some Trouble With A Steer; Goodbye to the Old Home; A Fresh Start;  The Great Milk Enterprise; Dad In Distress;  A Surprise Party; Dave Becomes Discontented; Dave in Love; When Dad Got Bucked Off;  Dad and Carey; When Dad Went To Maree;  The New Teacher:  The Prodigal’s Return.  Cover art by Norman and Lionel Lindsay.