..And Other Pitfalls, Snares, Devices and Delusions as well as Two Sniggles and A Contrivance…In this volume of Sheckley shorts: The People Trap: On a future over-populated Earth, a race is held. The prize: an acre of land. How: get to the Land Registry Office through the minefield of criminality which is New York…The Victim from Space: Hadwell, a writer of romantic and romanticised travel narratives, encounters a society whose ultimate goal is to die via a spectacular and painful death. Naturally, he’s oblivious to the societal norms… Shall We Have a Little Talk? Jackson, who is paid indecent sums of money to travel from planet to planet establishing links with the locals in order to eventually steal their land, arrives at a deceptively primitive planet. Despite his broad linguistic capabilities, he can’t fully get the alien language –  so what’s different…? Restricted Area: An unusual planet is found – with a large metal pillar, a complete lack of bacteria, and odd animal life that have no internal organs…but when the world’s light dims in the middle of the day and the animals cease their comical cavorting…The Odour of Thought: An interplanetary mail carrier crashes on a planet populated with eyeless and earless predatory animals. The mailman soon discovers that the animals are attracted or repelled by his thoughts. The only way for him to survive is to alternate mental images and keep it up until rescue comes…The Necessary Thing: Two hapless planet decontaminators take on board a device called a Configurator. It configures whatever it’s asked to configure – but its size and the limited room on the space ship means a great many survival necessities must be left behind. The Configurator does have one or two human foibles – it will only create one object from each category of objects…decided by itself. One metal plate will not fix the ship’s hull – and one chicken will not go far…Redfern’s Labyrinth: Charles Angiers Redfern, who (it would seem) is the author of a work titled Labyrinth, receives two letters. One pans his work as boring; the second letter invites Charles to a real labyrinth…a deceptively simple invitation…Proof Of The Pudding: The Commander of the Western Hemisphere Defense who secreted himself aboard a fully-stocked spaceship and hid on the other side of the moon to wait out a nuclear war is apparently the sole survivor. Yet when he returns to Earth, he has gained ‘God-like’ powers – but noticeably less potent. Then a woman walks casually out of his spaceship – is she his creation? The Laxian Key : Those two planet decontaminators (again!) discover another tech-item: a Megden Free Producer, which takes energy from whatever source is nearby to produce a dust-like food product consumed only by Megdens. But only a few Megdens exist outside of their home planet…and no one seems to have the necessary key to turn the machine off…The Last Weapon:  Three profiteers are determined to find the weapon stash of a long-gone Martian civilisation – but each wants it all and they begin to conspire against each other.  Even when they discover the massive piles of arms, they just have to go looking for the Last Weapon…Fishing Season: People are mysteriously disappearing…even when police cordon off the area, the disappearances continue. And there’s one old gent, who is seemingly obsessed with fishing and making fishing flies…Dreamworld: Lanigan has the same dream every night; and he begins to  believes the world of his dreams is slowly replacing the real world. Diplomatic Immunity: Government officials use increasingly extreme measures to try and stop an inexorable alien diplomat from forcing Earth to join an alliance.  Ghost V: A planet where the imaginary monsters and fears of childhood come to terrifying life…Cover art by Chris Foss.