Book III of The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever. Cursed by a terrible disease, Thomas Covenant is an outcast in our world; shunned by his neighbours and pushed to edge of madness by loneliness. Suddenly he is transported to a beautiful, mystic new world – the Land – where gentle people work magic with wood and stone and the very air and earth bring healing .  Thomas is welcomed as the re-incarnation of a legendary warrior – his maimed hand and white-gold wedding ring mark him as a figure of power and magic. But Covenant doesn’t believe the Land is real, and thus he becomes the unwilling tool of the enemy that seeks to destroy it:  Lord Foul the Despiser.  Three times, in their hour of greatest need, the peoples of the Land will call on Thomas and three times he will fail them.  Only as Lord Foul prepares to devastate the Land and enslave its people for ever will Thomas call on the wild magic that he alone can wield. Cover art by Peter Goodfellow.