Father Patrick Bryce, a Catholic priest with a present-day Minneapolis parish isĀ  a man with a fatal flaw…a flaw that that opens up a world of horrors that he never imagined existed, a world that he has always dreaded for it heralds his entry into a very personal Hell. Bryce knows he is not alone in his fondness for angelic altar boys but his biggest sin is hypocrisy and his recent TV appearances, on behalf of the emotional blackmailers that call themselves anti-abortionists, have alerted some of his past conquests to that fact. And now they are no longer little boys, they are willing and able to take their revenge. Blackmail is an art that promises revenge…and the first step in Father Bryce’;s decent to Hell is a trip to a diabolical tattoo parlour where he is forced to have the mark of Satan indelibly inked on his chest. The second finds him waking from a faint on the floor of a medieval torture chamber from which there is o escape…and from then on, the terrors multiply…Cover art by Les Edwards.