Book III of The Watchers.¬† I’m not some silly songbird sporting a bunch of dainty feathers around my pretty arse.¬† I’m a Raven. A bird of death. So I’ll thank you to have some bloody respect and keep your mouth shut while I’m sharing my recollections… Thus begins the Raven’s tale, and it’s not a pretty one. Innisfail is divided by war once more. King Eber of the South must meet his brother on the battlefield to decide the island’s fate. The Watchers, an ancient malevolent force, are restless, impatient to be released from their bonds of immortality. The promise to visit their bloody vengeance on Innisfail for many generations¬† to come should Eremon of the North gain the victory. But Eber has no hope of matching his brother in numbers or arms. And when a poet king and his red-capped warriors arrive from across the sea, Eber might have another enemy to add to his woes. Dalan and Sorcha, the wise and gentle Druids, must track down the mystical Draoi song which will free the land from the Watchers’ evil influence and bring peace at last. But the Raven is a carrion creature and his tale is one of blood and death.