Jim Grimson’s own rage is burning him up. Already he has set fire to his parents’ house. Lucky not to be in prison, he finds himself in therapy – luckier still, he is in the care of Dr. Porsena, known as the Shaman. Like Jim, Porsena has read the World of Tiers series. His therapy uses the pocket universes created by the Vanished Ones of Tiers to control the delusions of maladjusted kids like Jim. Red Orc, son of gloomy Los, Eternal Prophet and the beautiful Eritharmon, is Jim’s chosen role model. Jim discovers new levels of rage in the decadent Lord’s mind and a ghostbrain which threatens to engulf him. He is hurled through the gates of universes, propelled by Red Orc’s rage, to Anthema, the Unwanted World; to the Caverned World where flesh crystallises; to Los’s castle where Red Orc is turned into a serpent that sweats jewels…a compelling journey of discovery.