America, 2025:  In the eyes of the Government, the poor, the working class are a nuisance, easy to keep controlled with free cigarettes and free television. In the eyes of the rich, the working class are a disposable commodity. It’s the day of the ultimate reality game show and the poor line up eagerly at the Games Headquarters, hoping to get accepted as contestants on the big money games.  The biggest of them all is The Running Man. Ben Richards, out of work, can’t stand the sight of his little girl’s battle to stay alive and his wife’s desperation. He is accepted for this cruel game show. The rules are simple: stay alive and stay ahead of Evan McCone and his Hunters for 30 days.  For every hour Richards is at large,  he wins $100.00 New dollars.  He has a beginning stake of $4800.00 New dollars. And the big prize – make it through the 30 days, and it’s one billion New dollars.  But Richards isn’t just after the money – he’s out to bring down the system and everyone in it – if he can.