A feast of murders for Inspector Wexford to solve…From Doon With Death: There is nothing extraordinary about Margaret Parsons, a timid housewife in a quiet town – devoted to her garden, her kitchen, her husband. Except that Margaret Parsons is dead, brutally strangled, her body abandoned in the nearby woods. Who would kill someone with nothing to hide? Inspector Wexford is baffled – until he discovers Margaret’s dark secret: a trove of rare books, each volume breathlessly inscribed by a passionate lover identified only as Doon.

Some Lie and Some Die: In spite of dire predictions, the rock festival in Kingsmarkham seemed to be going off without a hitch, until a hideously disfigured body is discovered in a nearby quarry. And soon Wexford is investigating the links between a local girl gone bad and a charismatic singer who inspires an unwholesome devotion in his follower – as well as the aloof arrogance and ego of pop stardom.  

Shake Hands For Ever: Angela Hathall is found strangled in her bed but, shockingly, the murder of this meek, solitary woman sparks little emotion from her husband. Called in to investigate, Wexford’s curiosity only deepens when he discovers that the Hathall household has been meticulously cleaned but for a single distinctive palm print. Wexford is increasingly frustrated by the seemingly pointless   murder – no motive, no weapon and no suspect. Nothing except the unidentified print. But Wexford is convinced Hathall is hiding something. So when Wexford is taken off the case he decides to take matters into his own hands…

A Sleeping Life: Rhoda Comfrey’s death seemed unremarkable; the real mystery was her life. A wallet found in her handbag leads  Wexford to Mr. Grenville West, a writer whose plots revel in the blood, thunder, and passion of dramas of old; whose current whereabouts are unclear; and whose curious secretary – plain Polly Flinders – provides the Inspector with more questions than answers. And when a second Grenville West comes to light, Wexford faces a dizzying array of possible scenarios – and suspects – behind the Comfrey murder.