Will Rabjohns has everything. Handsome, revered and famous for his world-class wildlife photographs – expressions of the beauty and tragedy of nature at its most raw. But Will is a haunted man, driven to risk his life in pursuit of his art, which leads him to a near-fatal encounter with a polar bear. But Fate hasn’t finished with him – while in a coma he remembers and relives a seminal event in his childhood; an encounter with ancient, terrible forces which revealed to him the mystery at the heart of nature. He also relives his bitter-sweet adolescence; the early death of his brother, mythical English summers, the friends he loved and lost…When he awakens he knows he must return to his native Yorkshire home to begin the process of healing his soul and confront the dark kernel at the heart of his childhood – but first he must rekindle the devotion and faith of that childhood; he is about to engage in a war not only for his soul but for the soul of the planet and every animal that breathes upon it. Cover art by Bob Warner.