In this volume: Universe, Robert A. Heinlein – Imagine a group of human beings…and the only world they know is a gigantic spaceship – so large and so ingeniously constructed that it has supported thousands of people for centuries. Yet they live subject to all the old emotions – victims of conflict and suspense arising from rebellions and killings in their midst. Vintage Season, Henry Kuttner and C. L. Moore – Time travel is a perennial favourite in sci-fi…this story examines the morals of knowing what will happen and is it right to interfere and change history?  The Ballad of Lost C’mell, Cordwainer Smith – Jestocost, a lord of the Instrumentality of Mankind wants to help the oppressed underpeople (animals given human speech and form but no rights) but can this be done without upsetting the established social order? With Folded Hands, Jack Williamson – Seemingly perfect robotic humanoids appear in the town of Two Rivers and offer residents a life free of work, stress and danger. But at what cost?  Mr. Underhill fins his households threatened and his android business destroyed as the humanoids take control of the town in order to serve and obey and guard men from harm…Cover art by Eddie Jones.