In this volume: The Marching Morons, C.M. Kornbluth: John Barlow, the victim of a freak accident involving a dentist’s drillĀ  and anesthesia, is put into suspended animation and revived hundreds of years later – to a world that seems to be mad. Intelligent people are not having children and less intelligent people are breeding excessively! …And Then There Were None, Eric Frank Russell: A Terran ship with a crew conscious of social hierarchies and capitalist principles, land on a planet inhabited entirely by matter-of-fact anarchists. Baby Is Three, Theodore Sturgeon: The boy went to the psychiatrist because he needed help – but his problem was something no analyst could handle. He knew his name – but not his identity. He knew what he did – but not what he was. Worst of all, he didn’t know how many of him there were…Cover art by Eddie Jones.