Book III of Chronicles of the Shadow War. Elora Danan possesses the last two dragon eggs – and the last hope of the world. To protect them, she spellbinds herself to her faithful companions Thorn Drumheller  the sorcerer and her sworn guardian; and Khory Bannefin, the woman warrior inhabited by a demon’s offspring. It is a dire spell that ensures none of them will betray their cause – even at the cost of their lives. They are hounded by the dreaded Black Rose, the Deceiver’s commando assassins, but the greatest enemy lies within Elora – for the Deceiver is her own dark twin from a potential future of unimaginable evil. The only way Elora can stop that future is to befriend an enemy whose insatiable appetite for destruction could destroy all of creation…or is that too a part of the Deceiver’s plan?  Cover art by Ciruelo Cabral.