In this volume of tales written between 1931 – 1938: Sleepers of Mars: British and Russians cosmonauts encounter a dying race on Mars. The British depart but the Russian rocket fails, stranding the crew. The Martians help rebuild the ship and while exploring, the Russians explore the remnants of a civilisation – and a catastrophic secret…Worlds To Barter: A scientist in 1945 is surprised by a visit from a descendant – from 2145.  Invisible Monster: Three friends on a leisurely fishing trip witness the crash of a flying saucer. The Man From Earth: A man is kept in a cage, as a pet, on Venus. The Third Vibrator:  A scientist is sent to a psychiatric hospital after smashing his laboratory. He believes the item he has just invented is one he’s invented twice before – and moreover, he has already destroyed two worlds with it. Cover art by Chris Foss.