Star Wars. Book I of The Callista Trilogy. Leia, Han and Chewbacca are searching for the long-lost children of the Jedi, a mission which takes them to the frozen planet of Belsavis. There are tales of a Jedi exodus from the dark crypts beneath the planet’s surface – and a rumour that since the exodus, no-one who enters the crypts returns alive. Luke, haunted by ominous dreams, journeys to a remote asteroid field over the planet Pzob and discovers the automated¬† Dreadnought Eye of Palpatine from the days of all-out war. The ship is governed by the Will, a super-sophisticated artificial intelligence and occupied by the spirit of Callista, a Jedi knight who gave her life to stop the ship once before.¬† She counsels Luke on how to destroy it once and for all – for the Will has awakened and its mission is the total annihilation of Belsavis. Cover art by Drew Struzan.