Emily Mary Barton (1817 – 1909) one of the most talented pioneering women of Australia, was born in York in 1817. She was the daughter of Major Edward Darvall and his wife Emily. In 1839, the family travelled to New South Wales, arriving in Sydney in January 1840. Emily Mary met Robert Barton, a retired naval officer and grazier, whom she married in September 1840. The couple moved to his large station, Boree Nyrang, in the central west of New South Wales and had eight children together. Despite her child-rearing and domestic duties on the isolated station, Emily Mary was also writing poetry from the early 1840s. Robert Barton died of pneumonia in 1863, and Emily Mary sold Boree Nyrang and moved with her large family to Gladesville, Sydney. Emily Mary lived there for the rest of her life, often with various members of her extended family. In 1885 she published her first book, a collection of children’s verse entitled A Few of Grandmamma’s Prizes for the Little Ones. In 1907, at the age of 90, she published another collection, Straws On The Stream. A new collection using the same title was published posthumously in 1910.