A real ‘time-travel’ special. Here are the eye-witness accounts of the English Civil War, by those who participated in all aspects. They describe events in vivid language: how it felt to fight at Edgehill, or watch your home ransacked by looting soldiers, or finding your brother on the opposite side to yourself – or Oxford life while King Charles used the city as his headquarters.  In the years since his accession, Charles I had managed  to squander the peoples’ ancient respect for monarchy with a series of blunders, thus alienating many of his natural followers and allies. Yet  the outcome of Cromwell’s eventual victory was a period of absolute rule quite as arbitrary as anything that had gone before, and ion between, 100,000 people had died. Illustrated with a wealth of black and white and colour photographs of weapons, cartoons of the time, letters and documents. Cover art, detail from The Wounded Cavalier by W.S. Burton.